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Emmy Stillness

the original emmy rossum icon challenge.

Emmy Rossum Stillness Community - BACK RUNNING
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welcome to emmy stillness!
A stillness community dedicated to the beautiful actress Emmy Rossum, who has appeared in films such as The Phantom of The Opera, The Day After Tomorrow, and The Audrey Hepburn Story. Featured pictures may be from random films, photoshoots, red carpet events, etc.
there are rules...
1. No animated icons. Text/Brushes/Textures etc. are allowed.
2. You may use only the pictures that are provided you.
3. All entries must remain anonymous until voting is over. Do not use your icon until winners have been announced. Also, visitors may not use an icon unless you ask me or whoever made the icon first.
4. Do not vote for yourself or ask friends to vote for you.
5. All icons must fit LJ standards. Under 40kb. 100x100. GIF, JPG, and PNG format.
when you submit entries...
1. For each challenge I will have a separate entry for you to submit your icons in. Comment in that entry with both your icon and icon URL. All comments will be screened.
2. Upload your icon on a host that allows remote linking. Such as photobucket.com Do not upload your icon at angelfire, geocities, etc.
follow the agenda...
Dates for each challenge varies. Refer to posts made by the mods for deadlines.
P.S - Give Credit Where Credit is Due
This community was created by _secondthought. She handed the reigns over to freespirit08 who in turn gave it to stereofonic to revamp. The layout was coded by stereofonic and the header was made by warcandy. This community is now being maintained by beth633.